Property Styling

Once again, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.  We know that great styling makes an enormous difference to the way a holiday house will perform.

Our experienced stylists work to provide a warm and welcoming first impression, capturing the attention and hearts of guests. Styling a holiday house is similar to styling a house for sale, you need potential guests to be blown away enough by your photos that they want to imagine relaxing and enjoying the space with their family and friends.

Great styling = great photos, great photos = great bookings and great bookings = great profit. Ultimately using a professional stylist to help you is a must if you wish to maximise the potential profit of your property.

In our initial one on one consult our aim is to display how your space can best be utilised. The Gap between setting up and styling your own listing, hoping for the best and actually succeeding is wide. Do it badly, you won’t get any bookings, or worse you’ll get some bookings and then bad reviews. The moral of the story here is, “if you’re going to do something, do it well!”.

How do we know this?

We have taken on basic homes into our portfolio, changed the configuration slightly and styled the property so it is an inviting, modern space and then the bookings have come flooding in, it works every time.

Property Mums

So, what can we offer you?

Property Mums offers an incredible and affordable service that we know works. We pass on our trade discounts, utilise the skilful tradies we have had on our team over the past 12 years and provide a project manager if your house needs any renovations. If you are overseas or time poor then hand it over to us, we have renovated several properties over the years, we know it must be done with the least amount of down time as possible.   It’s what we do well…

Let us use our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work to save you time and money.

The styling service we provide is held over three stages.

Stage One: Initial 1-hour consultation, where we assess your property, work out the best configuration so you attract a wide range of guests; families, singles and corporates. We also take note of the pieces you already own and try to work with them as best we can.

Consultation notes will be emailed to you along with a plan and estimate of how much your set up will cost.  Once the budget is agreed on, we move onto stage three.

Stage Two:

Mood boards will be created for each room by a highly skilled interior designer. Sourcing, purchasing and shopping.

Depending on your situation we will either work with you to set the house up within your budget or you hand the whole thing to us and we will get it done in record time and always within the agreed budget.

Stage Three:

This is the set-up stage, and this is where the magic happens. Tradies, cleaners and stylists all work together over one day to transform your house ready to be professionally photographed and listed online.

Styling for Sale:

We also offer the above service to people selling their homes. Styling for sale makes such a huge difference and our professional team can help maximise your homes sale price. We believe we have the most competitive rates in the area, so if you would like more information regarding styling for sale please send an enquiry through our contact us page.

Room Price per room
Bedroom $3,000
Living $7,000
Dining $2,000 - $3,000
Kitchen $2,000
Bathroom $500
Laundry $500
Outdoor Area POA
Games Room POA
Other POA

Property MumsBasic Packages:

1 bedroom, 1 bath, one living, dining, kitchen & laundry $15,000 + 15 hours

2 bedroom, 1 bath, one living, dining, kitchen & laundry $18,000 + 20 Hours

2 bedroom, 2 bath, one living, dining, kitchen & laundry $18,500 + 25 Hours

3 bedroom, 1 bath, one living, dining, kitchen & laundry $21,000 + 25 Hours

3 bedroom, 2 bath, one living, dining, kitchen & laundry $21,500 + 25 Hours

3 bedroom, 2 bath, two living, dining, kitchen & laundry $28,500 + 30 Hours

4 bedroom, 2 bath, one living, dining, kitchen & laundry $25,500 + 30 Hours

4 bedroom, 2 bath, two living, dining, kitchen & laundry $32,500 + 30 Hours

Kim & Ambers Rate together $150 p/h

Trade Rates $45 p/h

Cleaners $30 p/h

If you have any other spaces you would like setup and styled, for example an outdoor space, a games room, etc it will be additional to the above prices and we will quote you separately.


Room Inclusions


All bed bases, mattresses, bedside tables, linen, pillows, blankets, quilt, cushions, art, bedside lamps, globes and bedside décor, coat hangers.


Sofa, rug, tv unit, tv, coffee table, side table, lamp, cushions, throw rug, décor 1 x art.


Towels, bathmats, handtowels, face washers, hand soap and lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hairdryer and décor.


Dining table, chairs, art, décor, bar stools, clock.


Kettle, toaster, nespresso machine, microwave, water glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses, dinner plates, side plates, mugs, tea towels, pots and pans, oven trays, fruit and salad bowls, platter, chopping boards, cutlery, dish washing tablets, cloths, dish washing liquid, salt, pepper, oil, glad wrap, baking paper, foil, paper towel, bottled water, tea, coffee, sugar.


Vacuum, Mop & Mop Bucket, iron, ironing board, washing basket, clothes drying rack.


Carbon monoxide detector, key safe, netflix box, wireless speaker, wifi modem, house manual.



Fridge, washing machine and dryer are extra to the package price depending on your budget.