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If working from home and having your own Holiday House investment sounds appealing, we can help you get there.

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We can help you get the right house, in the configuration, in the right location.

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Our property mum stylists will help you set up the house to be perfect.

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Property Mums

If you have lost your Mumma mojo after having children and have been finding it hard to go back to work, you’re not on your own, that was me ten years ago.  Running my own Holiday Houses from home and being my own boss has changed all of that for me. Property Mums can help you do it to, we will support you all the way.

Property Mums
Property Mums
Property Mums
Property Mums
Property Mums
Trust me! I will boost your communication skills.
Property Mums
Get on the path to financial freedom.
Property Mums

Family Beach House Rye

You will love the time you spend at this gorgeous beach house. set up with families in mind with plenty of yard for the kids to run.

Property Mums

Family Escape

3 bedrooms and one bathroom sleeping 8 people. Short drive tot he beach and or easy 15 min walk. Its so quiet and peaceful, a real escape from the rat race.

Property Mums

Mornington Peninsula

We welcome guests that are happy to abide by the Mornington Peninsula Code of Conduct for guests staying at Holiday Houses on the Mornington Peninsula.

Property Mums Mentoring


Figure out your values and align your life to them.


Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.


Get over your fears and change your job and habits.


Breathe and relax, become content with your world.

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