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Property Mums is all about empowering and educating mums to set up and run successful holiday houses from home. Available to you through this site is all of the information and support you need to find, set up and run successful holiday houses.

I've been doing this for ten years now and have found there isn't a lot of support available. Property Mums is here to be that support for you. We will be here throughout the journey and help you with any difficulties along the way.

If you get the right house, in the right configuration, in the right location and run them perfectly, they will be incredibly successful. I've been doing this for ten years now and it's how I got my mumma mojo back.
Property Mums
I changed from permanent let properties once I realised I couldn’t work as an Emergency Nurse anymore. I couldn't do this Mumma thing without having to employ people to look after my children. Holiday Houses mean't I could still invest and continue with my obsession but now the returns mean't I could do this as my living. I could help put food on the table and pay the school fees.

Everything changed for me once I got my first and second properties up and running. My confidence came back, people looked at me differently or maybe I looked at me differently and it felt good. My partner and I don’t have family living close by so we needed one of us to have the flexibility to be there for our children. Running holiday houses has given me that flexibility.

Now it's time to share the ten years of knowledge I have from holiday letting and holiday house investing. We know how scary it is at the start, we’ve done it for so long that there isn’t much we haven’t been through. Property Mums will know how to support you all the way.


I’ve been a Property Investor for over 20 years, ten years now with holiday let investments. I’ve owned up to eleven properties when they were permanently let.

I own three big properties on the Mornington Peninsula, some with investors and others on my own. I’ve developed a holiday house formula and holiday house financial formula, if you follow it you will return around 20% from the property. My own properties return from 20% to 25%.

Property Mums